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    VIDEO: removal of storm damaged gum tree

    Check out this tree removal video of a gum tree that was damaged by a recent storm.
    The tree was a large Corymbia intermedia or “Pink Bloodwood”.
    Unfortunately the tree had been stressed for a number of years and was under fungal attack and borer attack.
    The nail in the coffin for this tree was being struck by lightning recently and it had a large crack down one side and the typical leaf necrosis was setting in so it was definitely time for the tree to be removed as a matter of safety due to the trees close proximity to the pool.
    Storm damage tree removal is one of the many tree services we provide so we were quick to get into gear to get the job done. As we head into peak storm season, make sure you’re storm ready – check out our guide on How to pack a storm emergency kit.
    We were able to provide a quote that was significantly cheaper then our competitors.
    This is because we have a skillful team (not a one man or 2 man outfit), a 22m crane truck and proper equipment that allowed us to remove this tree in only 2 hours, whereas a standard 4 man truck and chipper crew would have taken an entire day and at a cost of approximately $4000. Ouch! Who has the time or money for that?
    Another happy customer taking a video of the North Brisbane Trees team in action on Friday. “I just want to say thanks for the exceptional and professional job”.
    Trust only us to get the job done quickly, cheaply and cleanly – Call -7 3289 3610.
    Watch the North Brisbane Tree team in action:

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  • September 24, 2018 in News, Tips & Advice

    How to avoid paying hefty fines for tree removal

    Tree removals and tree lopping are best carried out by professionals with strong knowledge and public liability insurance.

    They should also only be done with local council approval and permission. But as these 2 residents found out, the price to pay is heavy when you act without proper approvals. Read More >

  • August 30, 2018 in News

    These trees hacked by Energex contractors in Brisbane deserve better!

    We recently read about Brisbane trees being ‘hacked’ by Energex contractors (by Ruth McCosker, Brisbane Times) and we felt as respectable tree professionals, we had to speak out. We share a grave concern for the welfare of the trees and the community that is impacted by this general lack of concern shown by Energex contractors when it comes to tree pruning and removals across Brisbane.

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  • August 8, 2018 in Services

    BEFORE & AFTER: removal of Canary Island Date Palm Tree

    What do you do when you need to have a massive 20 tonne Canary Island Date Palm tree removed from your backyard?

    You call the best palm tree removalists in the business! (call 07 3289 3610!)

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  • August 4, 2018 in Services

    BEFORE & AFTER: Removal of 4 large Tallowwood trees

    Here are some before and after shots of one of our tree removal jobs.

    We removed 4 large Tallowwoods (Eucalyptus Microcorys) at Cedar Creek.

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  • April 4, 2018 in Services, Tips & Advice

    Arborist or Tree Lopper – What’s the difference?

    “Arborists and Tree Loppers are all the same, aren’t they? What’s in a name?”  When it comes to Arboriculture, quite a lot: training, skills, knowledge, experience to name but a few.  An Arborist has undertaken training and studies that focus on trees and plants from a health and safety perspective.  When you engage qualified Arborist, you are getting the wealth of this training and experience to provide you with advice on what to do now and how this will affect your trees in the future. Read More >

  • March 9, 2018 in News

    Our thoughts on the fallen tree in Musgrave Park, West End

    There has been a huge uproar recently around a tree that was destroyed in Musgrave Park, West End due to the installation of a concrete slab for a basketball court. Read More >

  • February 27, 2018 in Services, Tips & Advice

    Should home septic treatment system sprinklers be located close to large trees?


    Unless you want your septic system to be overrun with roots, blockages and potential damage to the pipes.  The nutrient rich wastewater would only encourage the trees roots system to grow at a faster rate than normal which can cause problems.  Depending on what pathogens or chemicals are used in your septic system you also have the potential to negatively impact your trees.

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  • February 7, 2018 in Tips & Advice

    How to pack a storm emergency kit

    One of the best ways to weather any storm is to firstly be prepared for the storm. After you’ve followed our 5 ways to be storm ready, you will need to ensure you have a storm emergency kit packed for whenever a storm hits. Read More >