Expert tree services offered by North Brisbane Trees:

Tree Removal and Tree Lopping


Is your tree an asset or liability? If it’s the latter than the most appropriate course of action will be full removal and root poisoning to prevent regrowth of the tree. We excel at providing the best possible tree removal and tree lopping service anywhere in Brisbane.


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Tree Trimming, Pruning, Maintenance and Consultations


Tree removal isn’t always required; however we are always guided by your needs. If you prefer trimming over removal we can provide this service and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise you on the most appropriate course of action and advice for the future management of your tree. Proper tree maintenance ensures your property looks great and is safer from damage caused by storms.

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Stump Grinding and Removal


North Brisbane Trees provides efficient and professional stump grinding service. Your tree stumps can be mechanically ground to below the existing surface level which enables you to be able to turf, pave or build over the area instead of leaving unsightly and dangerous stumps in your yard. Our machine can be taken through standard size doorways and even be carried up steps, enabling nearly all stumps to be accessed and safely removed.

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Arborist Reports

North Brisbane Trees is able to provide detailed Arborist Reports as our Director Craig Bauer is a Cert 5 Qualified Arborist (Dip Arb) and is also International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ). We pride ourselves on being one of a few tree service companies in Brisbane that can provide Arborist Reports as a service. These reports are highly detailed records from tree assessments and contain all relevant details about the trees and vegetation of each particular case.

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Garden Mulch and Firewood


North Brisbane Trees can turn your unwanted tree into mulch for your garden beds or firewood for family or friends ready for winter. This can be discussed during consultation with our Operations Manager and can be taken into account before quoting.

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Landscaping Services


Not only do we specialise in trees, North Brisbane Trees have an interest in landscaping and garden design. Trees are our main service however, we enjoy the variety of providing for our clientele with landscaping requirements.

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Gutter Cleaning


Cleaning the gutters on a house is often the most overlooked part of maintaining a home. Full gutters can lead to many problems like, mosquitos, property damage and discoloured water. Let us help clean your gutters and keep your home healthy and safe.

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Emergency Storm Response and Tree Removal


Storms can damage trees which can also damage your vehicles and property. Our emergency storm response service will ensure the problems are addressed quickly and safely. Sometimes a tree needs to be removed in an emergency that is not storm related and we can help with that too.

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We now offer Earthmoving services. Our machines include a 16 tonne Excavator, 12 tonne Drott and 2 tonne Articulated Loader. Our experienced operators are all licensed and ticketed and have a minimum 10 years experience. We are able to assist with the preparation of  house pads, driveways, dams horse arenas and all your earthmoving and earthworks requirements.

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Hardwood Timber Steppers & Timber Products


North Brisbane Trees has a range of timber products that now include hardwood timber steppers which are proving popular with landscape architects and DIY landscapers and we have sold them all over Australia. We are able to cut these steppers to any thickness required with diameters ranging from 10 inches up to 60 inches. We only use CLASS 1 Australian hardwoods such as Ironbark, Tallowood and Northern Box.

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North Brisbane Trees is proud to be in service for over 25 years and we’re confident that you’ll be very satisfied with every aspect of our work.

We take great care in delivering an affordable tree service that confirm our status as expert tree service providers in Brisbane.

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