Brisbane’s best stump grinding services.

When North Brisbane Trees is commissioned for stump grinding or tree stump removal, we ensure that creepy crawlies and larger critters have nowhere to burrow and hide – and that there’s one fewer thing to stub your toe on in the backyard!

By removing the last traces of the stump, you’re removing an eyesore and freeing up room in your yard to plant something fresh and new. And it needn’t be an expensive hassle – stump grinding by North Brisbane Trees is much more affordable than you may expect!

Stump grinding is an art form

Stump grinding is the art of removing a tree stump using a grinder that essentially mills the tree stump into small chips. This is done after a tree has been lopped and where only the stump remains. It is easier, simpler and safer than trying to dig around the stump and remove it that way. It is also somewhat more environmentally friendly, as usually the chips can be reused as mulch or firewood (depending on the shape, size and type of tree). 

We are well known for our stump grinding machines that provide a complete service and we provide the best stump grinding Brisbane residents have ever seen.

Our stump grinding service is complete and all encompassing

North Brisbane Trees provides a stump grinding service on its own (if you have a stump that needs to be removed) or as part of our tree removal or lopping service. Our rates are competitive, and we can usually arrange to come and remove the stump at a time that suits you, so we’re not interrupting your enjoyment of your property.

Get your free no-obligation stump grinding quote and call us on (07) 3289 3610. We make sure the tree stump is removed completely and cleanly!

You can also talk to us about firewood for sale and mulch too – because we’re the only tree experts who offer a complete tree service!

Photos of our stump grinder in action:

stump grinding in action

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