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North Brisbane Trees offers a great service where we can trim, prune and maintain your trees for you anywhere in Brisbane.

Or, if you’re a bit of a green thumb and like to look after your own trees but need a bit of advice or help, we offer tree consultations as well.

We carry out all our tree pruning in accordance with the Australian Standard Pruning of Amenity Trees AS4373-2007. This ensures continued healthy growth of your trees because we follow industry standards and won’t risk the health of your trees!

What does our tree pruning, tree trimming and tree maintenance service cost? It depends on what’s needed as some trees may have grown out of control or may be damaging property; some may not need much at all and in some cases we may need to look at something that goes beyond a prune and a trim and possibly to tree removal. This is of course, something we’ll discuss with you first before anything gets done.

There’s an art form to tree pruning. It’s like Bonsai but on a much larger scale and has to be done correctly. You have to trim and prune at the right spots to maintain tree health and ensure it can still grow properly. If you get it wrong, not only do you endanger tree health, your tree could also look like an eyesore. Nobody wants that! 

So this is when you call in the affordable expert tree pruning, trimming and maintenance services of North Brisbane Trees.

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Is pruning good for trees?

Not all trees need it, however, some trees can benefit from careful pruning. It can reduce the safety risks to people and property while also creating a strong framework for the tree’s future growth. For example, through the removal of crowded or rubbing limbs, and weak or dead branches. Pruning can also increase the flow of light and air through the tree’s crown.

Trees in confined spaces can also be trained to grow in a certain direction, or be trimmed to reduce height or spread. This ensures that both people and trees can co-exist safely and happily in urban environments.

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