Stump grinding:

Stump Grinding is charged at either an hourly rate or at a quoted price. If this is at the hourly rate, it will be charged in 15 minute increments. Billed time commences upon arrival at the site, at which time the operator will immediately start to unload the stump grinder and proceed to the stump.

Time to remove any obstacles, ornamental lighting, watering systems, etc or time to construct ramps in order to gain access to the stumps is included in the billed time. Time spent removing pavers, hammering concrete edging and/or time spent replacing pavers upon completion if discussed etc is included in the billed time.

If any stumps we are grinding contain any hard foreign objects within the stump that may damage the machine (eg. star pickets, hard rocks, metal pipes etc), or the stump is growing onto, through or near other objects such as fencing, paving, edging, driveways or any other object that may damage our machine, North Brisbane Trees (NBT) reserve the right to cease grinding the stump. Our operator will endeavour to grind as close as possible to these objects.

Any remaining portion of the stump will be deducted as a percentage from the quoted price at the operator’s discretion. This will not occur if an hourly rate has been quoted (you will only be charged the time on site – minimum charges will still apply).

Unless otherwise stated in the quote, the stump grinding does not include every single root attached to the stump. Grinding only refers to grinding the actual stump itself. Please contact the office should you require more extensive grinding and we can modify our quote to suit your needs.

NBT will NOT be held responsible for any damage to underground utilities, ie power, phone, water etc. NBT will not be held responsible for damage associated with flying rocks and debris etc to your property or your neighbour’s property whilst in the act of grinding. The operator reserves the right to cease grinding if there is a risk of damage occurring to person or property. NBT recommends that all vehicles and any object of value near the grinding site that can be removed, are removed as to prevent any possible damage to these items.

NBT will not be responsible for cleaning walls, houses, or any structure that may become soiled through the grinding process, as this can result in grindings or mud/dirt being flicked up onto said structures.

Stump grinding can sometime create massive volumes of dust in the air which can affect your property and neighbouring properties. It is impossible to predict if this will occur as it’s dependant on the type of soil and how moist the soil is at the time of grinding. One way to dramatically reduce the amount of dust generated is to use water sprayed directly onto the area being grinded. If you are concerned about this, it is the customer’s responsibility to carry out this watering and to supply a hose, nozzle capable of spraying 15m’s, as this is the minimum safe distance permitted to the grinder. Should you decide to carry out the watering whilst grinding, please ensure to inform the office when scheduling in the works so that we can supply the waterer with the appropriate PPE. Alternatively, we can supply a staff member to carry out the watering and we can quote on supplying this service for you. It is encouraged that you notify all neighbours that will be effected by this noise and possible dust prior to the works being completed, so neighbours have the opportunity to close their windows, remove pets from the area, and let your neighbours know if children or the elderly that may be sleeping during the day, etc.

Throughout the course of stump grinding, a sawdust like material known as grindings can fall into yours or your neighbours pools / ponds etc. NBT recommends that you cover your pool/pond with a cover or large tarpaulin, and advise any close neighbours to do the same, as we will not be held responsible for the cleaning of grindings from pools and ponds.

Upon completion of grinding, Grindings will be left on site in situ, unless otherwise stated in the quote. Our largest machine (which is capable of a 500mm grinding depth), can disperse huge quantity of stump grindings/soils/etc and on occasion it is necessary to use a bobcat and tip truck to dispose of these grindings, please contact the NBT office to enquire about our stump grindings removal service as this is not included as part of our standard stump grinding service.

Please note the property owner is required to be onsite whilst grinding occurs to ensure the work is completed to their satisfaction. Once grinding is complete, it is the responsibility of the property owner to inspect the property to ensure all stumps have been grinded and none have been missed. If the property owner is not able to attend the property whilst NBT is on site, we will not held liable, nor return to the property if a stump has been missed.

NBT can usually dispose of removed pavers / concrete – just ask the operator for a price when nearing the end of the job.

Billed time stops when the grinder is back on the truck and the area is left clean / blown down, however you reserve the right to end billed time when the grinder is back on the truck, but before the site has been cleaned (ie you may decide to clean the site yourself).

NOTE: Stump grinders are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. It is your responsibility for you and your family, friends and pets to remain well away from the grinder at all times!

Stumps to be cut just above ground level and poisoned:

Our staff will cut the stump as low as we can, but we cannot risk our saws coming in contact with soil / earth as this will dull the chains instantly. Smaller stumps are typically cut about 10mm-30mm above ground level while large/very large stumps are typically cut about 30mm-175mm above ground level, depending on the gradient of the earth surrounding the stump.

Some stumps can contain foreign objects that the tree envelopes as it grows. These items include, but are not limited to, star pickets, metal fence posts, bricks, rocks, concrete and chain link wire fencing. All of these objects will damage chainsaws when contact is made and can make the removal of the stump to your desired height extremely time consuming and costly due to damaged / dulled chains.

If a foreign object as outlined above is found within a stump, NBT will not be responsible for cutting the stump to the desired height. In this instance the stump will be cut at a height just above the foreign object. NBT can provide you with a quote to remove the stump containing the foreign object, but please note this work will more than likely need to be carried out at another time as specialised tools will be required to complete the work.

Note: The poison used by NBT is undiluted Glyphosate, ie Roundup or Zero. It is completely harmless to people and animals and is absorbed by the stump after 8 hours.

Root Ball Removal:

NBT or any sub-contractor provided by NBT, will not be held responsible for any damage caused to underground utilities or disturbance to survey pegs that may take place during the course of the works.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the following items including, but not limited to, all site pegs, utilities, fencing and sundry items have been identified and bought to the attention of the NBT operator / sub-contractor prior to the commencement of works.


NBT has two sizes of chippers. Please contact our office to obtain prices and discuss the right size chipper for your job.

Please note that billing time commences when the operators arrive on site and ceases once the operators leave the site. There is no additional charge should the customer wish to keep the mulch on site, if the mulch is chipped into a pile where the chipper is positioned. There will be a $30 fee should the customer want the material chipped elsewhere on site.

The customer will be held responsible for any foreign material that is processed through the chipper and causes damage. The costs associated with repairing the chipper, replacing damaged knives and/or bolts, and any associated travel time with regards to repairs will be charged to the customer.

Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter cleaning is charged at the following rates:

single story houses charged @ $90/hour + 1 hour travel

double story houses charged @ $100/hour + 1 hour travel

Please note the above prices are for a house with a roof pitch of 23 degrees or less. Anything over this requires 2 x men on site, with harnesses and safety ropes charged at $250/hour + 1 hour travel. If the roof is classed as excessively steep, please contact our office and we can arrange a free on site quote.

NBT will not be liable for any cracked tiles or damage to the roof or gutters which may occur whilst cleaning gutters.

NBT will not remove any gutter guard to access the gutters. If “do It yourself” gutter guard is installed and is not required due to ineffectiveness, we can price to remove this from the gutters prior to cleaning. Please note we do not reinstall or install gutter guard.

When cleaning the gutters, leaf blowers are used to remove the leaf material. As a result of using leaf blowers to clean the gutters, leaves will be displaced onto the ground below and additionally walls, windows, tiles, driveways, pools etc can become dirty. NBT will not be responsible for cleaning or washing the house and surrounding areas.

Pools / Ponds:

Throughout the course of tree pruning or removals, leaves, sticks and especially sawdust can fall into yours or your neighbours pools / ponds etc. We’ve had instances in the past while removing larger trees where sawdust has entered neighbouring property’s pools, two and even three houses down. While we will remove larger sticks and branches from yours and your neighbour’s pools and ponds, NBT will not be held responsible for removing smaller items such as saw dust and other items that are unable to be easily retrieved. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform neighbouring properties if you feel as though their pools / ponds may be affected by the tree work.

Protected Vegetation:

Vegetation clearing falls within the definition of development (operational works) under the Integrated Planning Act 1997.

Property owners may require a permit to undertake vegetation clearing, removal of selective trees/plants or even pruning of protected trees. Some developments also have specific development covenants or conditions of approval, such as building envelopes. Each council area will have wildlife corridors, koala conservation areas, protected remnant vegetation etc that may restrict vegetation clearing or tree/plant removal.

Property owners proposing to clear vegetation or remove trees/plants or even prune protected trees are required to contact their council to ascertain what orders are in place on their property.

NBT will not accept liability and/or fines issued as a result of removing vegetation from a property where prior approval has not been sought from council or we have not been notified in writing of any special conditions/restrictions with regard to the removal of vegetation.

If the property owner does not carry out the necessary checks with council or advise NBT of any restrictions on the property prior to the commencement of work, NBT will seek to recover the cost of any fines incurred, or the recovery of any lost time from “stop work” actions being applied. This will be charged at $450/hour up to the total value quoted.

By accepting any quote, you are legally advising NBT management that you have contacted all relevant authorities and found there to be no vegetation protection in place at the address or addresses where the work associated with the quote is to take place. You are also indemnifying NBT against any fines or legal action associated with the removal or pruning of protected vegetation.


Tree work can be extremely hazardous. While there is an NBT employee at the location where work is being conducted, this location is to be considered a work site and must be treated as such. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that all people and pets remain inside the house or building while our staff are on the work site.

Inclement weather:

Rain does not often affect work carried out by NBT. If the customer advises that work cannot be completed after a period of rain, the impacted job will be automatically postponed and every attempt made to notify the customer accordingly.

Should a customer advise that work can be completed after a rain period, NBT will not be held liable for any damage caused to the ground whilst work is being carried out on that job site.

It is the customers responsibility to advise NBT if works need to be postponed, if they have concerns about damage to their grounds and lawn areas with machinery being used on site, or foot traffic, etc. NBT will not be responsible for rectification works to repair grounds due to damage caused as a result of the ground being sodden.

Signing off on jobs:

We ask that our customers are present while work is being carried out. We understand that in some instances, this is not possible. While our employees always strive to complete work to the customer’s specifications, if you are not present upon the completion of the work, NBT will not be held responsible if you feel the job is not completed to your satisfaction. Please ensure you advise our office at the time of booking your work if you are unable to be onsite when work is being completed.

Please also note that the estimator who quoted the work is not always on site.

Satisfaction on completed works:

We strive to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the works that are completed by North Brisbane Trees. When customers cannot be onsite and view the completed works it is crucial that they do inspect the works as soon as possible and advise the office within 48 hours if works are not completed to their satisfaction. We will not return to a site to rectify works if a period of greater than 28 days has lapsed without any notification been made prior to our office.

By accepting this quote or any variation of this quote, you hereby agree to have read, understood and accepted the above Terms and Conditions.

For clarification on any of the above Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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